Compost 515-1

Compiled by the PV label heads Benjamin Fröhlich and Tom Bioly ..finally in stock 🙂

LP 1 & 2 (compiled by Benjamin Fröhlich)

A1: Basil Hardhaus – Breezin’
A2: JTC – Gallup
A3: The Abstract Eye – I Feel It In My Forehead
A4: Jex Opolis – Mt. Belzoni
B1: Tee Mango – Into The Wild
B2: Claude Rodap – Hiwa
B3: Jose Padilla – Lollipop (I:Cube Casiotone Reprise Mix)

C1: Herzel – Devoid
C2: David Goldberg – Part Bells (Benjamin Fröhlich Remix)
C3: Marvin Horsch – Pace
D1: Matt O’Brien – Flourish
D2: Aubrey – Dot 3 (Russ Gabriel Remix)
D3: Marcellus Pittman – A Mix

LP 3 & 4 (compiled by Tom Bioly)

E1: Move D – Beyond The Machine
E2: Pierre Bastien – Snide Dins
E3: Vanishing Twin – Under The Water
E4: Yussef Kamaal – Ayla
E5: Roman Flügel – Song With Blue
E6: Luke Abbott – Dumb
F1: Machine Woman – I Can Mend Your Broken Heart (Kassem Mosse Remix)
F2: New Jackson – Let The Freak Come Out At Night
F3: Albinos – Palazzo

G1: The Stowaway – A Suspicious Passenger
G2: Isolée – In Our Country
G3: TB – Unskinny Dub
H1: Slowdive – Sugar For The Pill (Avalon Emerson’s Gilded Escalation)
H2: Cobblestone Jazz – Midnight Sun
H3: Sirconical – Jambon Mama