PERMVAC 038-1/-2
Second volume of the Space Oddities series, again compiled by Alexis Le-Tan & Jess. This time they went for a “psychedelic journey through libraries”. Gatefold 2-LP and Super-Jewel-Case CD incl extensive booklet featuring detailed information on each title and linernotes by Joel Martin (Quiet Village) and Gareth Goddard (Godsy).
CD Tracklisting
1. J.P. Decerf, G. Zajd & C. Betsy “Strange Form”
2. A. Perry, L. Delacour “New life”
3. H. Tical “Equilibrium”
4. E. Warner “Shut UP”
5. C.Perraudin “Tremplin”
6. D. Edwardson, S. Sell “Cutting The Funk”
7. J.P. Decerf, G. Zajd & C. Betsy “Leavin’ My Place”
8. Guy Pedersen “Christophus Colombus”
9. Tamborelli “Indian Feeling”
10. Tamborelli “Psyco Feeling”
11. L. Vanay “Sunshine In My Heart”
12. J.C. Pierric “Magma Game”
13. Titanic “Sultana”
14. J. F. Gael & P. Buffenoir “Saba”
15. Yan Tregger “Sun Adoration”
16. H. Tical “Microchaos”
17. J.P Decerf “Gates Of Pop Empire”
18. D. Guiot “Les Pingouins S’Amusent”
19. A. Vuolo “Leaving”
20. S. Mallia “Space People”
21. C. Perraudin “Bluesy Feeling”
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